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New Life for NiCad Rechargeable Batteries that Won't Hold a Charge!   
 Cordless Power Tool Batteries 12 - 14.4 - 15.6 - 18 - 24 volt

Repair & Rejuvenate
old or dead NiCad /NiHM
batteries in 30 seconds !

Amazing Very Easy Fix Works on any NiCad / NiHM

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 A "How To" guide - no hardware is included
A volt meter is required (click for info here)

(R) Here is a Useless battery that will be
Restore Repaired
New Life Once Again!

Even though this battery was fully charged a day earlier, it has lost its charge. It should be at least 14.4 volts.

Here is a battery like the one above - for practical purposes it was dead & useless. It wouldn't hold a charge. After
Restore Repair and some usage, it is still showing more than 14.4 volts. It was charged over a week ago!
Restore Repair will last depends upon the initial condition of the battery) 

Now there IS a way to Restore Repair your Ni-Cad batteries!

  • After Restore Repair, your NiCad rechargeable battery will hold a full charge*.
  • After Restore Repair , your battery will have full power & run time potential.**
  • You can Restore Repair most power tools &VersaPak Batteries & many others.
  • The "Battery Restore Repair " Guide has easy steps. Learn it once and you can repeat it over and over on as many batteries as you want. It's fast and easy!
    * all NiCad batteries gradually lose their charge. ** the battery's full power & run time potential
    Fix All NiCads - Power Tool, Phone, Laptop, Single Cells, Shaver, Remote Control Batteries (Car, Truck Boat, Plane...)


Our company has used  a series of Black & Decker tools. (2) drills, a reciprocating saw, circular saw, and light that all used the same 14.4 volt battery. I also bought extra batteries and have a total of 4.

Three of the Batteries Stopped Holding a Charge

You can probably relate to this... You charge the battery today and tomorrow your drill runs slow and then it runs out of power after one minute. If we charge the battery and then use it right away, it will work, but it has much less power and its run time is very short compared to a new battery.

The only choice we had was to pay $35 + tax for a new battery! 
But - Now There Is Another Choice!
Our company found a method to Restore Repair  rechargeable batteries, so they would again take a charge and hold the charge as well as deliver real power.
We Found a Method That Really Works Great
AND We Want To Share It With You!

We found this information from an old research manual made by NASA.  NASA researched the NiCd cells because they needed batteries that would last 30+ years for the Mars satellite.  It took 25 years for the satellite to travel that distance and they needed a process for renewing the cells so they wouldn't get bad before it got there!

What are your old batteries worth? Your non-working tools?

Considering the price of a new power tool battery at $30.00 to $75.00, if you have 3 sick 14.4 batteries like we did, the cost to replace them would be $120.00!

Think about what it would cost to replace, not just your old power tool batteries, but other rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries in other applications. Most of these batteries can be Restore Repaired and used again. Just think about how much money you will save! Also, Restore Repair in many cases is faster than the time it takes to checkout new batteries.

98% of NiCad cordless power tool batteries can be Restore Repaired Including:
Black and Decker, Dewalt, Ryobi, Panasonic, Makita, Porter Cable, Bosch and Craftsman 12 volt, 14.4 volt, 15.6 volt, 16.8 volt, 18 volt, & 24 volt cordless drills, saws, and other NiCad batteries.

Maybe you have appliances with built in batteries that don't work, like the screwdriver below. Most of these can be Restore Repaired!

What's it worth to have your old batteries working again at their full potential? You're probably saying to yourself, "This is a no brainer if it really works, but..." - Keep reading...

There is only 1 question left that could prevent you from ordering the "Battery Restore Repair" guide right now...
Is this for real? Does it really work? Yes! Yes! Yes! It works great! We have a Black & Decker mini hedge trimmer that uses 2 Versapak cells. We would take the batteries out of the charger and put them in the trimmer. The power was pathetically weak and it would run for about 2 minutes tops. We Restore Repaired each battery in less than a minute and then, after charging, we put the batteries in the trimmer and spent over 30 minutes continuously trimming in my yard. It was running like we put in 2 new fully charged batteries! Days later we checked the Versapak voltages and they were still at nominal!

Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer using Versapak Batteries

We've had this trimmer about 3 or 4 years and was getting ready to toss it until we discovered how to Restore Repair the batteries. Now it runs like new!

A Versapak Battery

We hope you haven't thrown away your VersaPak batteries!
Ni-Cad batteries like these are simple to
Restore Repair in a few seconds!

What Is the "Battery Restore Repair Guide" About?
The "Battery Restore Repair Guide" is step by step guide that will enable anyone who can use a few common tools to Restore Repair rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries to their full potential (so they will hold a charge). For the method you may need access to individual cells within the battery, therefore some disassembly may be required for many power tool batteries. Sealed batteries like the VersaPak do not require any disassembly and are Restored in seconds. Also, there is an "Easy Restore Repair" one step process you can try first!
This offer does not include any hardware or tools.
A volt meter is required - You can price one by clicking here

Shipping and Handling: NONE!

"Battery Restore Repair Guide"  
is in PDF format will be sent to your email
Can be viewed on all Windows and MAC computers.


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Another Case of a Battery Restore Repair

Panasonic "D" Cell Battery
In 1988 we bought a bunch of these Panasonic Ni-Cad rechargeable D cell batteries

Over the years we've thrown out about 6 of these because they wouldn't charge any longer. Even after charging for a whole day they were simply dead and would not work in the slightest. We tossed many of these "dead" batteries in the trash. Now that we've found a method to Restore Repair batteries, we dug these out of retirement and put them in the charger. After charging I tested each one with a volt meter.

Two of these 8 batteries tested "0" Zero volts and are in the picture above. Zero volts means you can't even get the tiniest glow from a flashlight. We Restored  these two batteries and placed them in the charger overnight. Then, we tested them about 4 hours after being removed from the charger and they tested 1.24 volts - still above the nominal 1.2 voltage.

No Special Equipment Needed

The printed instructions guide you through the simple step by step process that will take you about 30 seconds to complete to rejuvenate your battery. Once the initial process is complete all you need to do is recharge the battery to its full capacity.

If you can jump start a car then you can easily fix your own batteries.  You will only need a power source like your car battery or lantern batteries some wire and a voltage tester.


New NiCad cell.
The anode is in factory fresh condition. Hexagonal cadmium hydroxide crystals are about 1 micron in cross section, exposing large surface area to the liquid electrolyte for maximum performance.

Cell with crystalline formation.
Crystals have grown to an enormous 50 to 100 microns in cross section, concealing large portions of the active material from the electrolyte. Jagged edges and sharp corners may pierce the separator, which can lead to increased self-discharge or electrical short.

Restored cell.
After following this simple procedure the crystals are reduced to 3 to 5 microns, an almost 100% restoration.

You can use this method on ANY NiCad or NiMH Battery,
single cell or battery pack.

NOTE: While this process works on any battery that is defective due to crystallization (90-95%) it will not fix a battery that is internally shorted (5-10%).
We added additional information that will repair even these internally shorted packs. You will need some simple equipment to open and test the cells in turn but by following these additional instructions 99.5% of battery packs can be repaired.

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Bright Flashlight running on 2 Resurrected "D" Cells

The picture above shows the same "dead" batteries after Restore Repair in a 2 cell halogen flashlight. Notice how bright the light is. We kept waiting for the light to dwindle out, but we got tired of waiting and shut it off. Before battery Restoration Repair we couldn't even get a little glow after a full charge.

Not bad for 15 year old Ni-Cad batteries that were dead and ready for the trash. It was so easy to bring these batteries back to life and it will be easy for you too, when you know how!

Restore Repair of a Screwdriver

Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver

We used this screwdriver and worked great for about 6 months and then it wouldn't hold a charge any longer. It has been laying around unused for years.

Restore Repaired this unit in about 10 minutes. We charged it and left it out of the charger overnight and it runs great. You'll learn how to make yours work too!

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Vtech nicad phone

We love this 2 line phone. It worked great for 7 years and then it went nuts! Really, the channels were rotating, it was making strange sounds, and would not charge in the base. We tried resetting the base but, nothing would make it work correctly. We looked for a new battery but, there were none to be had. We did the easy Restore Repaired that took about a minute and put it in the base to charge. It has been working perfectly for over a year now.

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