Battery Restore Repair Guide - Quick Read!


The  "Battery Restore Repair Guide" is a .PDF file emailed to you as a step by step fully illustrated guide that is easy to follow. You will need a volt meter, battery and a couple household items. 
No hardware is included.
  You Get Unlimited Access.
EXTRAS Included Free:

  • How to use a digital voltmeter to find correct polarity - There is a link in the guide to buy a digital volt meter for as little as $1.99+.
  • Help Section - Very important - Collected over 4 years - solutions to previous user's problems to make you successful.
  • Defective Cell Section - Learn when a battery can't be saved and the various issues you'll face when the factory screws up.
  • Cell Replacement Guide - For those that like to tinker with the 2% of batteries what don't respond - learn where to get replacement cells for FREE, where to buy new cells with tabs, and how to replace the cells - step by step with large clear pictures.
  • Tools With Internal Batteries - See how tools with non-replaceable batteries can be Restore Repaired


An email with info is sent automatically right after you make an electronic payment.  If you do not receive an email - don't assume it was not sent - check your spam folder. Allow up to 24 hours to receive the email. Most are sent IMMEDIATELY.
Based upon the number of "Guides" sold and the number of people that told me they were not successful - the Success Rate Is Impressive at about 98%
** Initial battery condition will determine how long Restoration Repair lasts!
 The process works on virtually all NiCad batteries. BUT, If you happen to NOT BE SATISFIED with your purchase, CONTACT US BEFORE PAYPAL  HERE and we will refund you through PayPal within 72 hours.

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The Battery Restore Repair Guide
Step by Step with large clear pictures showing you exactly how Restoration is done!